Sunday, September 13, 2015

20 Seconds of Courage

"Sometimes you just need 20 seconds of courage, of just embarrassing bravery...and I promise you, something great will come of it." We Bought a Zoo

There is a water hole in North Carolina that I used to visit with my youth group. After about a mile's hike, you come upon a clearing and the welcoming roar of a waterfall. Jutting out in front of the waterfall is a rock about fifteen feet above the water's surface. To get to the rock you have to swim through a strong currant and then pull yourself up onto the slippery stone surface. I followed the other kids, receiving help swimming to the rock and gladly accepting hands pulling me out of the frigid water onto the boulder. I had watched several others jump off the rocks, some of the more athletically inclined performing back flips and fancy dives. "I can jump off this thing," I thought.  

Then I stood upon the ledge.

My stomach flipped. 

The drop looked a lot farther from up here than it did watching from the sidelines. Everything in my body did not want to jump. I had an internal battle right there. I shivered from the swim over, goose bumps covering my body. My teeth chattered. 

A friend came alongside me. Took my hand. "1...2...3!"


Falling. Falling. 

I pierced the water and plunged deeper than I expected. It felt like a long time before gravity yanked my body back through the water's surface. I gasped for air...and smiled. "That was so fun!" 

Something about the fear and pushing through it made me feel so alive. 

Obedience is like that. There have been moments when I felt so sure the Lord was telling me to do confess a sin, have a hard conversation, or to talk to someone about Him...and everything in me didn't want to do it. I was terrified. I imagined all the negative things that could happen if I did. But every time I have obeyed I have never once regretted it.

When He calls us to do things, it’s scary. We resist. But when we jump...the result is exciting, invigorating, and rewarding. The greatest reward? Feeling His pleasure. 

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