Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love autumn. I love cupping my hands around a warm mug of hot apple cider. The brisk air breathes freshness into my lungs. The colors on the trees light up my eyes. Fall practice reminds me of my love of baseball. Crackling fires and family time make me smile. This is a sweet season.

Yet, this autumn, Fall 2011, has also been a time of transition for my family. The transition is very good, but, like all change, is not easy. There are moments when I do not want the world to change. I want to fire the moment and live in it. But, things do change. Life does move on. Like most unknown things, the future sometimes appears frightening. I think of what a good, rich childhood I had and wonder, "Can it get any better? Or are my best days already gone?" I was having this conversation with my sister, each of us dialoging how change is hard for us. But then, I mentioned to her a thought that I have been having: "God has been the author of our story this far and it's been good. He's still the One writing our story, so we know it's going to be good!" And the most important thing is that...It's Him being our Author...and our Anchor. How sweet it is that He does not change. And with new seasons of life comes new opportunities to love our Lord more and grow in Him.

I have been reading in Exodus, and a verse caught my attention. The Israelites, upon leaving Egypt, faced a huge transition. Even though it was an exciting time for them, it was probably also somewhat shocking to go, overnight, from slavery to freedom. Moses reports about the night of the Israelite's departure from Egypt--and from all they had ever known, that "the LORD kept vigil that night to bring them out of Egypt" (Exodus 12: 42). I love that image...of Almighty God keeping watch over His kids in a time of big change for them. It gives the feeling of a protective father. God does not change. It's comforting to know that our Father, today, is protective of us. And in seasons of transition...I imagine He keeps vigil over us too.

So I can enjoy that cup of hot cider...knowing that my Father has me in His gaze. And I can anticipate the days ahead...knowing that He's writing my story...and the Ending will be Good.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hope Rising

Here is a book which people who would be better if they read: Hope Rising by Kim Meeder. I'm not yet half way (I am a rather slow reader) but I can say already that I like it. Several times already, I have found myself crying at the tender stories of horses and humans and the amazing works God can accomplish between them.

The book is organized into an easy read, with short chapters recounting individual stories. The stories do not depend on one another so this book can fit nicely into busy schedules. (In fact, if your schedule is very full, this is a perfect book to read that will help you slow down). The stories are simple but rich. What do you get when broken horses come face to face with wounded children? A gentle miracle...