Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Lion

Since 'In the Lion's steps was named after this Lion, I thought it appropriate to post a picture of Him. I want to be the girl standing with Him!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Being within three weeks of finishing with my first year of college, there are a few things that have crossed my mind. One of these things is how thankful I am to have had a solid foundation laid during my elementary and high school years in what I believe. My parents are largely to credit for this. In the majority of my classes, I have been the audience to lectures containing values with which I disagree. I've realized how different my worldview is from so many around me! I might be tempted to think that something is wrong with my views, and that the majority, or the educated faculty must always be correct. But while I have certainly been challenged to think, I haven't wanted in the least to alter my beliefs...because I know who I've learned them from. There are things other than a PhD that create credibility (a word that has been pounded into me since entering college!). I don't mean to discredit my professors; I have learned a lot from them and am so blessed to be attending a college! Yet, if I can state this with all humility, there will always be people I trust more than them. My parents. My pastors. Those who are parents in the faith. And even those who are no longer living, but who have left works behind them that attest to the kind of lives they lived. I know the fruit of these people's lives. I see the stark contrast of those who have the Lord...and those who do not. And I know what I want for my life. But I don't think it's enough to stop there. Roots are so important. A strong foundation is invaluable. But they are for the purpose of bearing fruit. I pray that God will help me bring others into His kingdom...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Blog

I did not think that I would be one to start a blog, but some gentle prodding convinced me otherwise. After I met with a lady who directs a local publishing house, I was intrigued by her advice. One stepping stone on the path toward a career in authoring or publishing, that she suggested, was to start a blog. So here goes! I cannot say for certain what it will look like, or how frequently it will be updated! As of now, it will simply be a place for me to record some thoughts, post bits of my writing, and WRITE! As always, it is my hope that all content will be honoring to Christ, hence the title of this blog. Like many other children, my imagination was captured by C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, particularly the unforgettable lion that walks those pages. I continue to marvel at Lewis's writing capacities, but more importantly, I've learned to love the Lion. So as I begin this simple endeavor, it is my hope that my scribblings will point to Him.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Glory and Grace

The clouds glide across the sky as wind peals through the trees

The song and colors of the distant stars sing in praise

undimmed by human years

A single capsule of a citrus orange bursts

It too is the design of an ingenious Mind

Eternity's song moves through the galaxies

It whispers in the wind

"Be still...listen...know"

O Mortal stand and be still

O one bound by the walls of flesh consider

There is more to you than a carbon cage

Although it too is fearfully made

More to you there is than a sagging tent

Yet even it bears a fingerprint

of splendor, yes splendor

O quiet now as you observe the dusk sky

and stand on the water's edge

Yet even these are dwarfed by the great expanse

of galaxies far

An inkling dawns..."so small"

Yes, so small, but not too small

Not too small to escape the heart eyes of One

Yes One who spoke these into being

Stand before Him



Yet rejoice O small one

Exult and delight, relish for you

one so small have been sealed by His gaze

And you, blood-covered one, you are not only in His sight

You are by Him, yes Him, called

"You are mine"