Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Most Costly Investment

It's funny how God can use any situation to speak truth to us humans.

Recently, I helped a fellow classmate with an essay. Since I like English and composition, I did not mind editing and drafting the paper. In fact, I spent a considerable amount of time and thought on the task of improving the piece of writing. I found myself thinking about the essay when I was in the shower and when I was in bed. I woke up in the morning thinking of it. Part of me wondered, "Why do I care so much? Ultimately, I am not responsible for this student's grade. So why I am so caught up in this?" Was it because I easily stress over my own schoolwork and this was merely an extention of that? Perhaps. But then another thought struck me. I was invested in this. I poured time, engery, thought, and emotion into this task.

After I had given the student my suggestions for the paper, I read a second draft written after my notes. I was so excited to see that the student had made the changes I suggested! Since I had put forth effort I was pleased to see that it was not in vain. The student also expressed gratitude. That made my efforts worthwhile as well. I think I learned something about the Lord in the process.

He made the greatest investment--the costliest investment--of all time when He sacrificed Jesus on our behalf. If we are happy when people respond to when we invest in them, how much more must He delight when we respond to Him? How much must He delight we when react to His sacrifice by loving His Son? How much must He value our gratitude? My investment consisted of several hours of reading an essay and a few more in thought and prayer. Jesus' investment consisted of bearing the sin of the world--bearing our sin. Can anyone possibly invest in us more than He has? The question is, how then shall we respond?