Monday, July 1, 2013


Last week, a dear friend invited me over to her house for coffee simply for the purpose of fellowship and to talk about writing. It was a treat! We enjoyed good coffee and even better conversation.

It's one of the events of the past couple of weeks that has reminded me of something. These are some of the others...

My parents recently spoke at a gathering at my church, telling their story. One of points they emphasized was the importance of being plugged into the body of Christ.

My youth pastor was having a water slide day at his house, and my sister invited me to come (even though I'm not in youth). I did. It was fun!

Last Sunday I sat in on my church's young adult group, talking and fellowship with people...

I realized how much I miss relationships. True, I'm introverted and like some good time to myself, but I also realize how much I need other people. You see, other people can see things differently than I can. They point out things I may miss. They make me laugh. They let me cry. They refresh my heart. It's the way Jesus created His Body--to need on another and to bless one another. I'm thankful that people care enough to invite me...even when I've told them "no" ten times before. I'm thankful for the Church. For friends. For family. And the reason it's so good is because He's in it.

Good times. And it's just the beginning!